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Our Temple team would like to offer you additional lessons for your philosophy, religion, culture and social science courses:

  •   Lecture about Indian philosophy; about vegetarianism and healthy life style; question and answer sessions;   introduction to Vedic culture and Vaishnavism; spritual practice of the monks of the Estonian Society of Krishna Consciousness.
  •  Visit to the temple: introduction to the rituals and Vaishnava tradition of Deity worship.
  •   Traditional music and singing of Vedic mantras.
  •   An opportunity to taste Indian style healthy vegeterian food.

Lectures can be organised in the temple or you can invite us to any school or university.

If you have a desire to visit the Temple, then for a better reception for you and the guests we would like to ask you to please inform us about:

  •     the date and time of your visit
  •     the number of students
  •     the age of students
  •     which language would you prefer for the excursion (Estonian, Russian, English)
  •     the subject matter of the lecture

Would you like to visit us or invite us to visit you?

Then please contact us at tempel@tempel.ee