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Nama-hatta (literally means “market of the hole name” in bengali language) – this is a group of like minded people, united together by the same spiritual goal. The pioneer of namahattas was a great Vaishnav poet and a saint Sri Bhaktivinod Thakur (1838 -1914). He was the one to apply the term “market of the holy name” thus underlying the accessibility of Lord Caitanya’s teachings to anyone, which don’t take into account the social position, nationality, views or age of an individual.

Nama-hatta – is a group of persons, who congregate together to sing the holy names of God, to study the holy scriptures, to honour prasadam (sanctified food) in an atmosphere of wonderful association, which by itself is conducive for spiritual growth of a person.

Nama-hatta – is a rare opportunity to associate with people, who have taken Krishna Consciousness seriously and live according to the principles of Vedic Culture. These nama-hatta programs usually take place at home or at any other place, for example outdoors in natural environment. In Tallinn nama-hattas happen regularly and anyone can participate.

Please come, we will be happy to see you!

Information about upcoming nama-hattas is possible to find on our Facebook page.