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What is retreat?

  • Most of all, this is auspicious association (sadhu-sanga), congregational chanting of Holly Name, honoring Krishna-prasadam,  hearing Srimad Bhagavatam, worshiping Deities and living in holy place – 5 most powerful forms of the practice of devotional service.
  • This is a chance for everyone to disconnect for few days from all the problems and fully absorbe oneself in spiritual practice.
  • We will also examine, consider and meditate on one of  devotee’s life side and learn how to apply received knowledge in practice.

«Deepen Your spiritual realizations and feel the joy of transcendental experience



 By taking part it retreat You will:
 — gain an experience of intensive sadhana (spiritual practice)
 — increase Your faith through receiving knowledge
 — charge Your «spiritual batteries»
 — have a chance to increaseс Your spiritual standards
_— meet Your old friends and find new

_Write to us — tempel@tempel.ee, Call — 646 00 47

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Participation Rules:

1) To practice Krishna Consciousness at least 1 month.

2) To register  2 days before beginning of a retreat by phone or through e-mail. (And to agree to follow the Participation Rules. Tell Your name and weather You would like to stay in temple over night [for prabhus only] )

3) For full absorption for the time of retreat leave all other things aside. Prabhus may stay in temple over night, matajies from outside of Tallinn may stay in congregation’s apartments (we may help to arrange that if needed). 

4) Prabhus, who want to stay in temple for whole retreat should take a vow of following 4 regulative principles and chanting daily minimum 8 rounds of Hare Krishna Mahamantra. 

We leave a right for ourselves to refuse You to take part in retreat.


This program is our service to congregational devotees.

Maintenance and development of the program is implemented only by Your  voluntary donations. You may give a donation in cash in temple or through internet to  «Para Upakara» account with explanation:«Retreat». See how to do it: http://www.tempel.ee/para-upakara-program/

Make betterDear devotees, please write to Damodara-kripa (dadf@mail.ru) what topics would You like to discuss during next retreats  and what difficulties You face in practicing Krishna Consciousness, so we could help You to solve them. Please also write Your ideas about how to make our retreats better. We promise to keep this information confidential. We just want to serve You better.
Retreat Arhive:

6-th Retreat : «Devotee Care – Essential For Our Mission» (15-17 May)  Held by: Akrura das(20 persons participated). You may here lesctures HERE 

7-th Retreat : «Devotee Care – Essential For Our Mission» (10-12 June)  Held by: Akrura prabhu (30 persons participated). You may here lesctures HERE