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Part of the concert “Symphony of the Soul” of 19 Aprill 2014.
Arranged by Shri Harinam Mandir, ISKCON, Tallinn, Estonia.

“Symphony of the Soul” was the concert on the border of two cultures. People had a unique possibility to appreciate Indian musical compositions played on traditional instruments in combination with the performance of the symphony orchestra. Raga and tala are Indian rhythmic and melodic compositions that harmonize the human being with the surrounding world. On this concert the ragas and talas together with European classical music will beautifully turned into a symphony of the soul. The whole concert was  filled with the sound vibrations of mantras, which free the mind from all kinds of sadness and worries.


Avram Livasov (Aditi-dukhaha) – a composer andone of the best mantra singers in Europe. Avram Livasov is an outstanding performer of traditional rhythms and ragas of ancient Indian culture.

Kamo Grigorjan (Krishna-lila)– a composer and a desired guest of spiritual and music festivals in Europe, as well as in India. Kamo Grigorjan is an expert in the North-Indian music tradition, especially in the tradition of singing bhajans and kirtan.

Akincana Krishna – a man of distinction, who has devoted his life to the sacred music. Together with famous kirtan singers (such as Jahnavi Harrison, Gauravani and AcyutaGopi) Ariel Telford has been performing around the world and has participated in several legendary kirtan-evenings of AindraDasa in Vrindavan (India).

Estonian National Youth Symphony Orchestra (ÜENSO)- a project-orchestra that consists of young professional musicians, Estonian Music Academy students and students from music choirs.It became active in 1995. To the date the musicians of ÜENSO give 15-20 concerts per year:performing with many famous conductors, choirs and soloists, participating in notable music festivals in Germany, Russia and Finland.The main conductor of ÜENSO is Jüri-RuutKangur